Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They think we are stupid again.

Punters have fair chance at gaming machines at integrated resorts
29 June 2010

SINGAPORE : Punters at Singapore's two integrated resorts have a fair chance at winning at the slot machines and other electronic games.

That is because the gaming machines have been certified to have met international standards, according to SPRING Singapore.

The national standards body said all electronic gaming machines such as slots and electronic table games have been tested and verified by laboratories which are accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) or its Mutual Recognition Arrangement partners.

They have also met the technical standards required by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore (CRA).

Both the machines' hardware and software have been tested.

Tests on software included the communication protocol among the table machines that are linked to a server and the random number generator.

Have you ever wonder that it is not the interest of the Casino to let you win?

Same go for the “Casino Regulatory Authority” as they received taxes from the Casino earning.

Therefore the more the Casino earn from the general public, the more the authority earn.

So it is a joke that they are assuring punters they will have a “fair” chance of winning at the slot machines as they had been tested by the SAC. (With interest is for you to lose)

Hmm… does not make sense right?

Also note they did not say what is “fair”?

Fair to them may not be fair to you.

They may set the machine to give winning when it has reached a certain taking per day.

So let just say that this article is just bullshit.