Thursday, September 02, 2010

How much you are worth. The Singapore male citizen.

So MINDEFT deem you worth only $9000 for serving 2 years + 10 years of reservist.

$10500 if you are not a chow corporal and below.

This work out to be $3500 for your 2 years of Full time NS service. On top of your pay, you get this amount which is going in the your CPF.

Let say you earn $1000 a month (For 2 LTA these days?), for 2 years (Hey I already give you the bonus because you definitely don’t get his amount when you are a recruits or a cadet), you get $27500 after your NSF cycle.

So the max amount you get is $34500 after selling 2 + 13 years of your life to the defence of this country.

Note you are also defending the 2 million FT here.

Fair? My foot.