Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why you should not be spending your money here.

Singapore is turning into one of the worst place to buy things.

I travel quite a bit every year and the more I travel the more I realised you should not be spending you money in Singapore.

Things are so much cheaper even in other first world countries like Japan and USA.

I can understand if the importer have to factor in the shipment cost but this “cost” are averaging at about 20-30% of the selling pirce at their home countries.

Do note these selling had already factor in the profits.

I have seen some even cost 100% more then when they were in their county of origin.

I did a quite research on the average salary of an Engineer in Singapore, Japan and USA.

In Singapore and an Engineer earn about US$1,731, Japan US$2,530 and the States US$4,710.

So we go less pay but are paying more for the products. Don’t really make senses at all.

Save your money and spend over sea my friends and remember Japan GST is only 5% better then the F**K up 7% with the lousy service.