Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back from Holiday

Has not been blogging as I was on holiday in Tokyo (again!) for last 2 weeks and out of office for a conference on Tuesday and Wednesday. So this is actually my 2nd days in the office after my holiday!

As usual it was a nice “relaxing” shopping and eating trip and Tokyo remains still one of my favourite pilgrimage place.

Still in the process of sorting out some stuff from Tokyo and will post some of the nice stuff I get back from Tokyo.

I always try to get stuff that are Made in Japan while I am in Tokyo. Sadly this is getting more and more difficult and cheap labour cost from China is hard to ignore.

Last year the Nano block I bought from Japan are all Made In Japan but this year they are slowly being manufacture in China. So I took this opportunity to grab a few of the Made In Japan left.

Will blog more about my trip in the coming days!