Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 an Hello 2011!

Yes it come to the last post for the year again!

Another year and passed and overall it is not such a bad year for me.

Went for my health check and over all I am good still the same as 2 years ago my Triglyceride is a bit high at 178 (should be below 150) but it had gone down from over 400 in 2008! And my good cholesterol is dropping so need to workout more.

So my new year’s resolution is be Healthier, Exercise more and eat moderately.

There is nothing more important then good health.

This year I travelled to Fukuoka in Feb, Taipei in March and May and Tokyo in October. Managed my 4 trips a year target. Next year will be the same planning for Tokyo in Feb, Taipei in March, Seoul in May and Tokyo in Nov.

Did my 2 ICTs this year. One in Jan and my last in Nov. A chapter of my life closed here. Good grief, but I still have not got my MR notice yet.

Need to wish all my friends and families a healthy 2011 ahead and remember to enjoy life. You only live once!