Friday, February 11, 2011

An Experiment

Tried an interesting experiment today.

I did an image search on Google on my name and the result is pretty interesting

Uncannily they are quite related to me in one way or another.

Ok mostly I get lots of old kung-fu actor pictures…haha… I have been involved in martial arts since my teenage days of this is quite close.

Hey I got Jackie Chan and Jet Li as Wong Fei Hong pictures as well.

I also see some engineering drawings and I am an engineer by training so this is quite close too.

Some are quite funny thought.

I got a few Lee Teng Hui pictures, guess I that is because we got the 2 similar name out of 3.

I also got some soft porn HK actress pictures! Hahaha….

One thing I can’t understand is why I got a Sponge Bob picture in there? Hmm…

Can try this if you are bored. Interesting.