Thursday, January 27, 2011


Came across a blog entry "10 things I miss about Singapore" by a Singaporean woman living in South Africa.

I stayed in UK for about 2 years and I can tell you the only things I missed about Singapore are my family and friends and maybe cheap food. Thats all.

Now here is my list of :

10 things I hate about Singapore:

  1. Weahter. We get Hot, Hotter, #@$!%$!@# Hot.
  2. Lousy and expensive public transport system. Trains take forever to come and are always crowded even on weekdays off peak hours and good luck with the buses. Taxis are good a disappearing just before midnights and the fare structure can be in teh Guinness book of record for being the most complex.
  3. No freedom of expression and Goverment controlled media.
  4. Wold most expensive cabinets who still need 2 senior Ministers and 1 Minister Mentor to teach them what to do and they still don't take responsibility for their own mistakes.
  5. Automatic 10% service charges for ZERO service. If you want tips you better earn for it.
  6. People who can blooddy stand to the left side of the escalator.
  7. People who can #@#%@ let you out of the lift and trains first.
  8. Tissues reservation system (Must be a world first)
  9. No protection of privacy law. Your name and contacts are being sold out there to banks and housing agent and all those @!#!$ spammer who keep sending you SMS.
  10. Embracement of useless "Foreign Talents"