Thursday, May 05, 2011

What to do on cooling off day.

Cooling off day which is on 06 May is a day when all campaigning and election advertising are disallowed .

This is to, I quote from the Election Department,

“let voters reflect rationallyon various issues raised at an election before going to the polls”

In another words, after days of rallies when emotion ran high, this day is for you to think about the threats by the PAP and hopefully makes you so frighten to vote for the opposition and you will vote for the MIW.

Only political broadcast will be allow this day and there is no prize for guessing who will get the most airtime.

In fact, I think all news and newspaper will be spreading messages for a certain party and there I shall skipped all this on the cooling off day.

So what I suggest you to do this coming Friday is to boycott all the newspaper and television. (You need to be cooled you know).

Instead use the new media.

Go to the website of all parties and see for yourself what are the trying to tell you.

Go to watch speeches by all parties at the rallies, judge for yourself how good or bad or how convinced you are by them. I suggest you watch Teo Ser Luck 1st rally for a good laugh.

So my fellow Singaporean.

Vote with you head and mind and have the courage to do the right thing.

Majulah Singapura! (Not Majulah PAP!)