Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Smoke out by Lui.

Transport upgrading plans on track
Bus-stops islandwide to be expanded into 'bus hubs'; MRT network to reach more commuters
Oct 04, 2011

SINGAPORE - Besides getting commuters onto the train or the bus, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew is also looking at improving their journey to the station, while arming passengers with more timely and accurate information to decide on their commute.

Mr Lui revealed in a media interview that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is starting an internal trial this month to test out a commuter information system which would state "the condition of the bus" - whether the commuter can sit, can stand or must wait for the next bus. The trial is to last for three months.

Yesterday, the LTA announced it would be upgrading and expanding 35 major bus-stops islandwide into bus hubs. When completed by end 2013, the upgraded bus-stops will come with lengthened bus bays, expanded bus shelters, and real-time bus information panels

These improvements will reduce the amount of time a bus has to spend at the bus-stop and, in turn, help shorten waiting times and improve journey times for commuters. About six in 10 of the 5.5 million public transport journeys made daily are on buses.

The Transport Minister, however, noted that trains currently remain the preferred mode of transport among commuters. Thus, plans are being finalised for additional lines and extensions beyond 2020 as part of the 2011 Concept Plan Review to improve the rail network and serve new areas.

These plans are beyond the S$20 billion invested in existing rail lines and the S$60 billion for new rail lines committed under the Land Transport Masterplan, unveiled in 2008.

The new rail lines under the masterplan include the Thomson Line and the Eastern Region Line. Mr Lui said that the Thomson Line alignment is "almost done", but the Eastern Region Line is proving "more challenging" and "needs to be look at more carefully".

The minister, however, declined to disclose further details on the alignments, citing commercial sensitivities. But he added that new housing concentrations and new sub-regional centres will be factored in when planning the new rail lines.

Mr Lui revealed the Circle Line Extension from Promenade to Marina Bay will be opened in January.
With more rail lines being planned and built, the aim is to double the number of households that live within 400m or 600m of an MRT station. Currently, around 400,000 households live within 600m of an MRT station, while 200,000 households live within 400m.

Mr Lui is also aiming to improve pedestrian connectivity to transport nodes and to "make the walk a little more comfortable".

Thus, pedestrian connectivity to transport nodes will be enhanced, through the development of more sheltered walkways, underground pedestrian networks, and links to nearby buildings.

The fact is I do not see much improvement from the Transport Operators.

In fact I am already getting too tired to write in to complaints against them as these idiots are just greedy corporation that want to pay their CEOs millions at the expense of poor public transports users.

The solution to improve public transport system is simple but no body actually want to look at is seriously as it will affect bottom lines.

Firstly, just improve the frequency of trains and buses damned it!

Overcrowding is the main problem in this country with more the 5 millions resident.

Secondly, has dedicated bus lanes in all major roads to speed up buses.

Increasing train’s networks is a good idea too.

Commuter information system is crab if it keeps telling you the next 3 buses are full and too bad you can’t get on.

There is a lot we can do to improve public transports in Singapore but do identify the core problems and solve it.

Do not pacify the pubic by just having some cosmetic improvements.

This will cause the public to vote for a new Minster next time.