Monday, October 03, 2011

Stupid events that seem harmless.

2011-2012 :: The Biggest Eating Competition in the Region

Stomach this! CP Biggest Eater Competition returns for a second year – bigger, more exciting and challenging than ever!

To be held in 4 major cities across the region: Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok, the event is slated to be the biggest eating competition yet in Asia and outside the USA.

A myriad of international professional eaters including top-ranked eaters in the world will come together to showcase their jaw-dropping eating skills and battle for coveted honours at the various legs of the competition. The event will also see the first regional male and female champions crowned in Bangkok, Thailand – home to CP Foods!

Will World No. 1 Eater, American Joey Chestnut's eye-popping record of 380 shrimp wontons in 8 minutes be broken? Can World No. 2 Female Eater, US-based Chinese Juliet Lee retain her title as the biggest female eater with a clean sweep of 160 wontons?

Saw an advert on TV over the weekend promoting the above event.

I am surprise that eating competition is still happening in Singapore. To me it is just plain stupid.

Maybe people had forgotten this in 1989:

Coma youth who choked on mooncake dies

The youth who slipped into a coma after choking on a piece of mooncake in an eating competition last month died at the Singapore General Hospital yesterday morning.

Mr Suie Peng Cheong, 20, had been in a coma for 51 days days.The Secondary 5 student of St Teresa's High School was taken to the hospital where he was put under intensive care soon after the incident during a mooncake eating competition on Sentosa on Sept 9.

The contest was held to usher in the Mooncake Festival. It required contestants to eat a normal size mooncake in the shortest possible time and was jointly organised by the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) and Shin Min Daily News.

A SDC spokesman had said that Mr Suie, who "ignored advice to drink tea to help wash down the mooncake", choked and then appeared to suffer from a fit.

On the way to hospital, two SDC staff members applied heart massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Mr Suie, who had difficulty in breathing.

On Sep 25, doctors operated on Mr Suie to allow him to breathe more easily.

The operation, known as a tracheostomy, involved cutting a small hole in the throat.

Mr Suie's mother, Madam Leong Lai Keng, confirmed that her son died at about 5 am yesterday. She said she was not with him when he died.

Madam Leong, 49, who had kept a daily vigil at her son's bedside, said: "I normally visit him in the day and leave in the evening. Friends and relatives would take over at night. I think some friends were with him when he passed away."

She added that early this month, Mr Suie's condition had improved a little.

"He was able to open his eyes a little and roll his eyeballs in our direction when we called out his name. He could slowly move his hand from the stomach to the chest level."

But Mr Suie's condition took a turn for the worse last week. Madam Leong
said: "He could not open his eyes anymore."

This article was first published in The Straits Times on October 30, 1989

There are many other ways to promote your brand or activities organiser can come up with to create vibes.

Eating competitions are dangerous and damaging to one health.

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