Thursday, January 05, 2012

The real thoughts of our millionaires

President, MPs react to pay cut
04 January 2012 1847 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE: Singapore's President Tony Tan Keng Yam has welcomed the recommendations of the Ministerial Salaries Review Committee announced on Wednesday.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Office of the President said Dr Tony Tan has informed the prime minister he will adopt the president's salary as recommended by the committee, backdated 1 September last year, the day he was sworn into office.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament (MP) for Jurong Group Representation Constituency (GRC) David Ong said: "Personally, for me, with the reduction of the MP allowance and removal of the GDP Bonus, it won't affect my performance at all, as an MP.

"I'm elected to serve the people of Singapore, my residents in Jurong GRC, and I'll continue to do that.

Mr Ong added he believes there are Singaporeans who will be prepared to step forward and serve the country despite significant cuts to political salaries.

Mr Ong told MediaCorp it is important that the financial sacrifice, however, not be too steep as this will affect the government's ability to attract top-calibre leaders.

"There will be some challenges, but hopefully with this adjustment of the pay package we can attract people with the heart to want to serve and give a little bit more discount in terms of their material gains, and step forward to serve the country," he said.

The president, who only gathered 30% of the nation votes, and Ministers must be feeling quite bad now due to the pay cut but they have no choice as PAP has the worst election result last year.

Well can’t believe one who suffered pay cut can still say nice things but again its on national media.

Therefore I try to think what some their real thoughts may be(with disclaimer):

Tony Tan: Lucky Nathan, I should have stayed at GIC and SPH. ##$@!%#

Lee Hsien Loong: I am still the best paid politician in the world.

Teo Chee Hean: So many portfolio still kenna pay cut. Wah lau still have to explain to the other guys since I am in charge of Civil Service pay.

Tharman: Sian… the other ex-DPM got some much over the years and now I first year kenna pay cut liao… should have gone to work for the world bank.

Lim Swee Say: Evertime I look at my CPF I wonder why I feel poorer.

Yaacob: Huh? What pay cut?

Khaw Boon Wan: Guess has to look for HDB flats now.

Vivian: Please don’t rain again! Else no bonus this year.

Shanmugan: Lucky George

Lui Tuck Yew: Shit! Look like really have to take public transport now.

Heng Swee Keat: Wah lan! Kenna con into politic.

Chan Chun Sing: Wah Wah Lan!!! Kenna con into politic and now no one call me Sir anymore.

Mah Bow Tan: Heng Hah. Now only take MP pay can really relax.

Wong Kang Seng: Si Bei Heng man! Must call Bow Tan out and gossip.