Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Goodbye to a turbulance 2011 and Hello 2012

A good think about keeping a blog is like a diary. Reading back the post on my new year resolution for 2011 and the summary of 2010 let me keep a check on myself on what I have achieved in 2011 and did I fulfilled my resolution? This also help me setting goals for myself in 2011.

Gosh it also reminded me the prices for electricity fee went up a year ago on the exact same day this year on 1 Jan 2012!

Looking back 2011:

I travelled to Tokyo in Feb, Seoul in March and Taipei in May and Aug.

I have fulfilled my National Duty and officially MRed in Feb.

I also got to vote for the first time in my life not once but twice! Sadly the outcome remained the same.

I got my Shodan in Aikido in May and still going strong in my八卦掌and I also took up形意拳.

Mobile phone contract expired and I renewed with an I-Phone 4S. Yes I have joined the dark side.

I think I also achieved my goal of living a healthier life as I do feel healthier in 2011 compare to 2010.

I will continue to live a healthy life, work less, play more and spending more time with friends and family in 2012.

I think this year will be a difficult year for Singapore. The world is facing recession and inflation and we still got the same clowns in the cabinets. Half year had gone but nothing significant has change for Singapore, we still getting the floods.

Finally I like to share this article. It reminded me the priority in life and I hope it will for you too.

Happy new Year!