Monday, June 18, 2012

An weekend event

The Community Centre of my constituency held a charity “BaZhang” making event over the weekend from 15 till 17th June.

I don’t have the exact details on how or who is buying the finished product or maybe they just delivered to some charity organisation, but let me share what I observed.

The even started on Friday evening when the contractor set up a stage and tent. Early Saturday’s morning I already saw many “aunties” volunteer making the “BaZhang” in the makeshift tent under the hot sun throughout the day.

They wrap, cook, and had their lunch and dinner in the makeshift tent all in name of charity. To me they are the true hero of this event.

Now early Sunday, the band came and set up their equipment, dragon dancer were hired to welcome the VIP DPM and many boot licker starts to turn up on Sunday to make sure the area is fit for the VIP.

I guess money must had been spent for this elaborate welcoming party.

So what is the VIP role in this charity even? Did he help with the making of “BaZhang”?

What was he purpose for gracing this event? I am sure the charity even can go on without him being around?

So how much was spent of the welcoming event? Should his money put to better use for the charity? Or at least buy the helpers better lunch and dinner.

To me something is being misplaced here. Pubic money and effort from volunteers are somehow used to publicise the PAP MPs in the constituency.

To the volunteer aunties I salute you and to the balls licking RC and “VIP”, you should be ashamed of yourself.