Wednesday, May 23, 2012

They never learn

Election period is an exciting time in Singapore, too bad it comes only once every 5 years.

During these times you suddenly see the incumbent becoming humble.

They start to walk the ground, Ministers, DPM and event the PM himself! (I never see my Minister MP during non-election period except when he was invited for some free dinner parties by the CC).

The incumbent also suddenly give out goodies and also start apologising to Singaporean for their failed policies and ask us to vote them in again so they are correct it.

I got to say with social media, more unbiased reports are available to the public and I think PAP themselves know they can’t really control the media anymore. In another words they cannot censored what we see and hear.

Also during this period suddenly the IQ of Ministers somehow dropped drastically.

The things they say when they try to counter the opposition somehow don’t really make sense and they do sound stupid at times.

Now everyone, be it the incumbent or the opposition parties, are being shown to the publics and Singaporean can choose for themselves who they want to believe in.

This is good for the democracy of Singapore.

So my advice to the PAP is to do your job sincerely, don’t bullshit us and the people will definitely see for themselves and vote for you if you are the best candidates.

They should abolished the GRC system so every man and woman no matter which political parties they are responsible for his or her own votes and are voted in by his/her own merits.

Instead the PAP starts to do weird stuff to shoot themselves in the foot for what reason I do not know.

After GE2011 when the lost Aljunied GRC, they start taking away the management of some public facility from the town council and gave them to the People Association which is chaired by the PM himself.

They penalised constituencies that voted against them by putting them last in upgrading and the removal of amenities.

The PAP still failed to realised that old method cannot be used to pacify new voters.

All we asked for is a fair and just government which treat us sincerely so Singapore can be a wonderful place to live in.

Until the PAP change I can assure you they will be loosing vote.