Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't take Normal for granted

Recently my boss got a bashing from his boss because of a chain of events in our department which cause the company some serious problems.

You see my department is doing the shitty and unglamorous job for the company. No doubt we are important but we are expected to be doing the right things every time and all the time so then things will look normal.

Not great but normal. But once you slipped up, it will cause a chain of events that could be catastrophic to the big boss eyes.

So it’s a important yet unappreciated role. My boss spent half an hour trying to drill that into our brains but we all know no one will give us the credit for doing a great job everyday so thing can be “NORMAL”.

Normal is always been taken fro granted.

When I look at our society, they equates to our rubbish collector, cleaners, bus drivers, cooks etc etc.

Do you think our country can go on normally just one days without them?

Yet these people are normally the lowly paid and are always been looked down on.

In the matter of facts, I think we can go one for months without the President, Emeritus or even the Prime Minister and we will not feel any impact but try going for months without a single rubbish collectors.

So it does matter if you are some top brass somewhere, you should be humble and thanks the person who cook for you, clean your toilets and clear your rubbish.

After all a job is a job, you may be at the top due to some connection so nothing to be so proud of.