Monday, September 17, 2012

Hsien Loong Screwed up again.

During the national day rally this year, Hsien Loong talk about inclusive society and he want Singaporean to give feedback to the government so together we can make a Singapore we want.

So dear Hsien Loong went on to have some tea session with bloggers before have a televised forum on Channel New Asia to have a “open” discussion on national’s issues.

However not only the PAP cannot take the hard truth, they are trying to pretend they can.

First the forum was for people who they want to be there. They disinvites some blogger and more skeletons in the closets had came out as netizen has indentified a fair number of people who took part in the televised forum are actually PAP members.

This gave an impression that the forum was staged and the PAP is insincere.

Hsien Loong still doesn’t get it. He did not learn from the last GE.

Singaporeans are not stupid. If you really want to win the next GE then I hope you better buck up and show some sincerity.

Listen to us with an open mind and not try to tell us you are but actually you only one to hear the good things.

PAP indeed is quite good at wayang but with social media, it has fell flat on its face yet again.

Bad publicity again!