Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Election time is good time.

I love Election!

This is when the PAP suddenly came down from the realms of Gods and becoming human again.

Suddenly the men in white are seen eating at hawker centres, walking the ground and shakes hand with ordinary Singaporean.

It is also fun to read what sort of stupid things they said during this period.

The By-Election at PE came gave the opposition parties a chance to seize another seats in parliament and I think it also gave the PAP some headache as they are not really prepare for the resignation (SACK) of Palmer just 2 years after the last GE.

So PAP has not choice and just field a new face, Koh who is only a 3 weeks old PAP member.

In fact the PAP may think there is nothing much to lose if Koh is not elected since he is a nobody, but of cause they cannot tell that to the resident. So different Ministers start to say how good this Koh is and even the PM is saying he had plan for Koh to be a Minister.

Heng Swee Keat which was one of the Minister that I quite like also start to sprout nonsense to support Koh during this GE. He said PAP is already working hard for you with or without the opposition. For God’s sake please do not take us a fools and make yourself one at the same time.

If the PAP really care about people of PE, then why Palmer did not solve the Rivervalle plaza problem for 2 years? If the PAP really care about people of PE, then whey PM appointed Palmer as the speaker of parliament.

As speaker of parliament he won’t be able to raise your problem for you during parliament sittings and so good luck to your Rivervalle.

Then again why suddenly this Koh can do everything when By Election come?

This tell you PAP can do but choose not to do as they see you not important.

Voter of Singapore, choose wisely in 2013 and 2016. PAP is screwing us and will only show us the sincerity during Election time.

Gosh how I wish we have elections every year!