Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Give me your feedback so I can sue you.

It’s the New Year and the PAPian are suing people again.

Defamation suit is good if you have unlimited resources.

What is everyone can use defamation suit in our daily lives…..

Scenario 1:

Hawker: Sir your cha kway tiao ok liao.

Man: Wah so small size, you cut corner is it?

Hawker: Wah I sue you. So fat better don’t eat so much.

Man: Wah I sue you back.

Scenario 2:
Office worker 1: Oi boss what you think of Alice’s appraser?

Office worker 2: Aiay she everyday carry balls sure good lah.

Boss: I sue you!

Alice: I sue you too.

You see life will be so complex when people start to sue each other and the only winners are the lawyers.

I think the PAP is making a bad more by starting the year suing people.

You see, PM Lee just ask for National conversation to improve his party image by trying to get people involve in National building. By suing people once you don’t like what you heard makes you look kinda petty.

So for the rest of the Singapore, we better shut up and vote them our in 2016 rather then talk so much and get sue by the PAP.

In Singapore when the PAP sue someone, then we all very kapo and will try to find out what that person said.

So suing people make have a negative effect as people who usually can’t be bother actually will bother to find out what the other party is saying about you that you have to sue them.

Bad move Hsien Loong.

Happy 2013.