Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup in Singapore

You can tell that the world cup season is here by the number of half asleep people in the office. Somehow Singapore is cursed by geographically far from every single world cup hosts with exception of the last one in Korea/Japan. Maybe this is why we abandoned Goal 2010 plan.

I find that the whole world cup thing had become a big money making event for those blood sucking corporate and government. I remember years ago during the SBC days, live matches from World Cup and event EPL are televised for free. Nowadays, not only you got to have cable to catch any glimpse of the ball, you also got to top up to watch the World Cup matches.

Personally I find this is really too much. Why should you pay the additional when you already are subscribing to the cable TV?? One simple explanation, monopoly of the market and blood sucking.

If Singapore ever really want to promote sports, mind you not by buying foreigners only, getting her population to be interested in a sport is the very 1st step she should takes. I suspect maybe some of our TOP SCHOLARS don’t even know the different (or none) between Soccer and Football.

Finally I find it strange the our neighbors, (which is poorer then us via GDP) are able to provide free live televised matches to the country men but we are not doing that.



Mr & Mrs Chan said...

agree totally....stupid monopoly by Starhub....if there had been another service provider, they would not be charging us any extra....

Mr & Mrs Chan said...

Mr Chan writes: finals?