Friday, June 09, 2006

You know you are not in Singapore when...

1. You don't hear "Leh", "Lah" , "Loh" anymore
2. Everything are cheaper by 2 times or more expensive by 2 times depending where you are.
3. Food taste nicer.
4. You find naked pictures on page 3 of the newspaper.
5. Drivers are nicer.
6. Bikers are not so nice.
7. People clean up after meals.
8. No more people in whites.
9. People look different from you.
10. You can find chewing gum everywhere!
11. You are driving on the wrong side of the road.
12. You get static evertime you get out of the car.
13. People hold the door open for you.
14. Pe0ple smile more.


15. For once you can find some facts in the media.


Mr & Mrs Chan said...

Mrs Chan writes:

Teeheeheehee...I like the last point.

Mr & Mrs Chan said...

Mr Chan writes:

and u forgot to mention one more point that will be valid until 2009

16) When you cannot find a casino.