Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You know you ARE in Singapore when....

1. You need a Certificate before you can buy a car.
2. There are cash card readers in all you vehicles.
3. We are constantly being reminded that there are fines for almost everything.
4. You can cook an egg in your car that was left in the car park.
5. Hawker meant food center.
6. People can speak a mix of more then 3 languages/dialect in a sentence. (Think carefully, very few countries do likewise. I can only think of our Neighbor up north)
7. People who do not live in HDB are considered to be rich.
8. There are urine detectors in elevators
9. Formal dress code meant anything with a collar.
10. Absolute power come in whites.

And……… finally

We were told we are world class in almost everything but…strangely our salaries are not.

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