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"IKEA" in the forum

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Jan 10, 2007
Loud drilling by Ikea staff during a late-night delivery

I was rudely awakened at 11.30pm on Jan 7 by the sound of an industrial, heavy-duty drill, punching holes on the wall I share with my neighbour.

The shock made me jump out of bed thinking that something happened inside my house.

The very loud noise sounded like a motorcycle racing through my house! To make matters worse, I had great difficulty going back to sleep - a symptom common amongst the elderly.

The powerful drill went off about six times indicating that six holes were drilled. Each drilling was accompanied by light taps of the hammer, presumably tapping in Rawlplugs.

The drilling ended at about 11.45pm at which time I saw an Ikea delivery truck moving off.

Even if an Ikea customer allows such a noisy installation late at night, Ikea should have rules not to disturb the peace in the neighbourhood.

I understand that the store has high sales volume and therefore a busy delivery and installation schedule. Please do not fulfil your commitments at the expense of others.

Ong Yoke Fei

I am pretty sure IKEA does not do any delivery on Sunday. So Yoke Fei may be barking up the wrong tree.

I remembered I had tried, on several occasion, to get IKEA to delivery my stuff on a weekend but they only do it on Weekdays and Saturdays.

Anyway to be precise, IKEA had subcontracted their delivery and installation service to a 3rd party. They drive IKEA van with IKEA advertisement and they wear similar colour scheme uniform but they are not IKEA staff.

This is a good case study to of getting all the facts wrong.

Also there is no prove that it was the “IKEA” personnel that did the drilling just because Yoke Fei saw an IKEA van moving off.

It may well be any other neighbour and the “IKEA” is the easy target just because they were in that area.

Look like Yoke Fei is not a very good detective.

Also does getting back to sleep has anything to do with age?

Anyway it would be interesting to see if IKEA do any investigation and reply the letter at all.

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