Thursday, January 04, 2007

Minister who blog

ST Forum
Jan 10, 2007
Minister George Yeo's blog is one very powerful tool in connecting with the young

Foreign Minister George Yeo's blog is indeed an eye opener for me into the life of a Singapore leader.

Ever since he started blogging several months back, I have been reading his postings and it has given me an insight into the roles and responsibilities of a minister.

As blogs are a popular communication tool for our younger generation, Mr Yeo's initiative to start blogging is one very powerful tool to reach out to our young.

I start to see more transparency into the life of a minister and I feel that it is a good sign that our society is opening up.

This will help build an even stronger bond between Singapore's leaders and its people.

I look forward to future postings on Mr Yeo's blog and would certainly like to see more of our Government leaders blog.

Khoo Lih-Han

I think Lih-Han is so “3 legs”.

I have read George’s blog and it is nothing much. Just simple day to day event just like any other blogs out there and it seem so sanitised. I am sure it will not win any blog award.

Somehow I got the feel of it all being set up by the gahment.

I seriously wonder whether did George start blogging out of his own interest or does he got the “task” by someone.

Remember all the publicity regarding P65 MPs blog site? I doubt you remember it, its just another white elephant.

I wonder does Lih-Ha belong to any grassroot. Look like another publicity attempt for George’s blog here.

I shall not add his blog’s link here. There is enough publicity from the Main Stream Media.

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