Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nonsense on TV

ST Forum Jan 29, 2007
Locally produced TV shows appalling

Locally-produced TV programmes are a big disappointment.

Apart from some local soap operas that are still worth watching during those evenings when there is absolutely nothing else to do (even then it is the same old, tired plots most of the time), most locally-produced TV programmes are merely multiple versions of copies of overseas programmes.
Moreover, it is always the same old faces no matter which channel one switches to.

I'm sure many of the programmes produced locally do appeal to the masses and ratings must be good but, to be honest, the antics of the hosts, the lack of originality and the quality of the programmes make me cringe.

Come on, local TV programme producers, surely you can do better.

Dr Michael Loh Toon Seng

ST Forum Jan 29, 2007

Shocked over local TV programme

A few nights ago, while channel surfing, my husband and I chanced upon one of our locally produced programmes, Girls Out Loud.

We were shocked to see that the show featured two 14-year-old girls showing off exotic dance moves. They were skimpily dressed, and dancing in a room with poles.

How could the TV station and producers of this programme - even though it carried a PG rating - allow this to be aired? Are they trying to convey the message that this behaviour is 'cool"?

We should be more mindful of the social and moral issues involved when producing such programmes.

Daphne Lim Jean Ai (Ms)

ST Forum Jan 31, 2007

Host not appropriate for TV programme

I find it shocking that Mediacorp has hired Ms Xiaxue to host the TV programme 'Girls Out Loud'.

A quick visit to her blog will be enough to convince any person that she has denigrated certain ethnic groups. She has particularly written out against Bangladeshis. On her Jan 12 blog posting, she even declared herself to be a racist.

Mediacorp should have known better than to have hired her. As a broadcaster, its management is aware of the impression TV hosts and actors have on young people.

Hence, having someone holding such irresponsible, irrational and immature views on their programme is a serious error of judgment.

Harminder Singh

An outburst of condemnations for Mediacorp.

I have to says that the local produced programme are getting from bad to worst. And mind you, these programme are occupying prime time slots.

I think this due to the fact that there is a lack of competition.

If one monopolised the market, one tends to be complacent.

I remember I still watched locally production long long time ago where they are more meaningful.

Show like “Girls Out Loud” are just crap. If feel like a “trying too hard to be that Paris Hilton show”.

I also think Harminder had a valid point. I am still trying to find the reason why Mediacorp got Xiaxue as the host of the programme.

It will be interesting to read what they will reply this letter if they does anyway.

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