Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SBS Response

SBS replied on 13th July:

1.Please refer to your feedback regarding Service 89.

2.We are sorry to learn of the inconvenience caused while waiting for this service.

3. The Manager has noted your concern on the frequency of the service and is monitoring the situation closely. Rest assured that, where it is within our control, we will ensure that buses arrive at regular intervals.

4. Bus captains have also been reminded to try their best to adhere strictly to their time schedules to ensure service reliability.

5. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely
Tang May May
for Deputy DirectorCorporate Communications
SBS Transit Ltd

To me this letter is so lame..

It did not state whether was there any investigation done nor does it answer any of my questions.

Just a standard template I guess. A give away is at point 2. (this service, can't she just response service 89?)

May May just have to fill in the service number and also note these point form answers can be used to reply to any compliants.

Sad... a service corporation should take customer feedback more seriously since they bother to give feedbacks.

But again I guess SBS Transit has not much of a competition in the market so they can affort to give you such a lousy response.

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Balonglong said...

after reading! think i also must take some action to sent some DL letter to sinagpore world class transport! or maybe ask Li Hongyi for help. ha ha ha

Mr (not white horse) Ba LongLong