Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Transfomers the Movie

Went to watch Transformers last Friday. Was actually quite surprise that it was a full house despite it had been showing for close to a month.

If you are not a Transformer Fan then this movie is quite entertaining with lots of actions but for a Transformer Fan like me this is actually quite disappointing.

I felt that the producer should not change the design of the Autobots and Decepticons.

Optimus Prime look like cock with his human face but did saw a bit of the shielded face mode when he was doing his final battle with Megatron.

Starscream still look ok as he maintained his fighters look. (Upgraded to F22 from F15)

And yes, Megatron look like a big COCK. Wau lau… look like a bloody gorilla.

I am also Bumble Bee ended up as a Chevrolet Camero and not his original Volkwagen Beetle. I guess the American try to make all cars theirs. (SAD!) Take a look at the chart below!

Bumble Bee Chevrolet Camaro(Movie) Volkwagen Beetle(Original Form)
Jazz Pontiac Solstice (Movie) Porche 925 Turbo (Original Form)
IronHide GMC C4500 Pickup (Movie) Nissan C20 (Original Form)
Ratchet Hummer H2 (Movie) Nissan C20 (Original Form)

Found the reason! "The other Autobots also became GM-owned vehicles in a product placement deal that saved $3 million"

The transfomation of the Transformers are quite cool but again the camera was panning all over the places making it difficult to see. I guess Michael Baywas trying too hard?

I think this is a movie not for Fans but are more appealing to the general public.

Anyway for information, there already plan for 2 sequels of the movie and I hope they change the director for the new two movies.


Mr & Mrs Chan said...


Mr & Mrs Chan said...

eh, I do like the show...although a bit messy with all the fighting and stuff...but overall, still liked it bcos of the effects i guess....but what the hell, the ending is damn cock also...so easy to kill the bloody fellow by putting the stupid cube thingy into the chest, then why go through the trouble with all the fighting? somemore, why the hell they give the task of protecting the cube to the stupid human fellow where he can be crushed like a crockroach? cock man....just let the optimus prime take it lah then he can protect it better....anyway, i didn't see the show for the stupid storyline but just for the sake that the transforming is not bad....