Thursday, September 20, 2007

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Live webcams not the way to speed up queues at clinics

Thursday • September 20, 2007
Letter from Lim Boon Hee

I urge the relevant authorities to tackle the perennial problem of unacceptable waiting times in our polyclinics, A&E departments and specialist clinics once and for all.

Showing real-time waiting times online is simply skirting the issue and not going after the causes of the problem. It is ludicrous to expect that a patient under the care of one particular polyclinic to go to another just because the waiting time is shown to be shorter on a computer.

Instead of spending money and resources on this, more doctors, pharmacists, nurses and clinics should be employed to solve this medical services crunch in an environment with a growing "greying" population that requires more medical facilities.

We should be examining why the waiting times are so long.

Is it because there are:

1 Not enough doctors, pharmacists, nurses and clinics to serve a burgeoning demand?

2 There are too many patients due to an ageing population?

3 Inefficiencies and procedures that are not streamlined enough in the polyclinics resulting in long waiting times?

4 People flock to polyclinics due to a lack of subsidies for long-term medicine for chronic illnesses and denied subsidised specialist care if private clinics refer them?

Look like somebody agreed to what I commented on Camera installed at Polyclinics.

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Balonglong said...

The way they solve the problem, -> see long queue, dont go, cos u will make the queue longer... if queue get longer, not their problem cos u alredy know is it LONG QUEUE.. ha ha ha