Friday, September 14, 2007

SBS at it again

ST News Sep 11, 2007

Bus fares to go up by 1 to 2 cents from Oct 1

By Christopher Tan

BUS fares will go up by one to two cents from Oct 1, the Public Transport Council announced on Tuesday.

But there will be no increase in train fares.

Senior citizen concessionary EZ-Link bus fares, which are flat fares pegged to the lowest adult EZ-Link fare band will also increase by 2 cents, up from the current 65 cents.

However, because they are flat fares, the same 67 cents fare will apply regardless of the distance travelled.

'The PTC has to strike a balance between safeguarding commuters' interests and ensuring the financial viability of the public transport operators so that they can continue to improve their services over time and sustain their capital investments,' Chairman of the PTC Gerard Ee said.............

ST Forum Sep 13, 2007

Woman flung off bus seat: Son upset with SBS staff

LAST SATURDAY, my elderly mother and aunt boarded SBS service 133 (vehicle No. SBS 312B) in Rochor Road. Both took a seat in the second row behind the driver. During the journey, the bus was travelling at a high speed.
At about 4.25pm, the driver made a fast and sharp turn at the junction of Lavender Street and Serangoon Road, flinging my mother from her seat. She landed flat on her back and couldn't get up.

A short distance away, the driver halted the bus - only to glance in the rear-view mirror. Two kind passengers, however, helped my dazed mother to her seat. The driver did not inquire or give assistance to my mother, and continued to speed off on his journey.

On reaching Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange at about 4.45pm, my mother and aunt approached SBS Transit Passenger Office and reported the incident to two officers at the service counter.

The male officer took down my mother's feedback and particulars. My mother and aunt then identified the driver at the office. The driver denied any incident had occurred during his journey. The female officer even warned my mother of false allegations and demanded that she bring in other witnesses - apart from my aunt. She even claimed my aunt was not a 'reliable' witness.

My mother later complained of back ache and I took her to a GP, who referred her to Changi General Hospital. There she was diagnosed with a fractured lower back and tenderness over her left shoulder and upper limb.

I am aghast at the actions of the bus driver. Nor do I condone the behaviour of the SBS counter staff. Till now, no one from SBS has called to inquire or follow up on my mother's feedback.

Stanley Lim Chee Hoe

These 2 articles speak for themselves actually.

How screwed up our public transport system is these days. All are profit orientated and it will be interesting to see if SBS ever response to Stanley.

Bravo to our dear Public Transport Operator

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