Tuesday, September 04, 2007

National Service

Disappeared for a week due to my reservist.

Look like I will not get to finish my 7 highs and 3 lows before my 40th Birthday. I guess SAF are cutting cost and keep calling us back for lows and seldom the highs.

Low keys in camp used to be quite relaxing. It usually is some form of in-camp training and seldom moves out to the field. But this year it was different.

Look like they are trying to compact some field training into your annual one-week stay with SAF.

I got to say it is actually quite nice to go back to the camp that you spend two years of our life in. There are new buildings and also buildings that never change. You also get to see you old bosses and colleagues.

But can really say the way people work has any improvement.

Something new this year! They gave us a set of feedback form after our one-week in-camp training.

They’re this question (Can’t remember the exact word but the main point is the same):

“Will you go to war and scarify your life for Singapore?”

Well it got me thinking.

Is there anything in Singapore worth for you to scarifying your life for?

Try taking out the family aspect from this question.

Yes I guess we will all defend our family with our life, but let say your family all migrated or are no longer in Singapore. Is there still something in Singapore for you?

Think about it…………….

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