Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How bad Singapore's Society is now.

Some of the inconsiderate acts by Singaporean (or Singapore resident, don’t forget 1 in 3 of us are not born here) I have witness over the pass 2 weeks. Think we are certainly heading towards the wrong end of the spectrum in term of graciousness.

1) Teenager talking shouting and eating on public buses.

I always find that kid nowadays has much better developed vocal organ then hearing organ. For God’s sake, you friend is only sitting next to you do you really have to shout in their ears? But I guess that is the result of spending too much time on their I-pods?

Eating on public transport is really very common now. I am quite surprise that STOMP actually published pictures of people eating on MRT and Buses.

2) Motorcycle failing to stop at traffic lights

Be careful if you are using those pedestrian traffic lights. Some motorists just ignore them especially at night.

3) And the last one that get my vote!

Grandparent brought grandson for dinner at food court. Half way thru the meal, grandson wanna pee. Instead of bringing ihim to the toilet, grandpa too out a plastic bag and let his grand son pee into it. Yes in the food court! Grandpa then tied up the plastic bad and dispose it at the food court dustbin.

Then Grandpa go back to his dinner without washing hand!


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