Friday, August 01, 2008

Social Problem in the Future Start Now!

Singapore's population up almost 200,000 between 2006 and 2007
31 July 2008 2003 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE : Singapore's population rose by almost 200,000 between 2006 and 2007.

As of last year, total population stood at 4.59 million, up from 4.4 million in 2006. Of these, 3.58 million were citizens and permanent residents.

The latest Yearbook of Statistics released on Thursday also showed there were 39,490 births last year, up by over 1,100 babies compared to the previous year.

Marriage inched up again, registering its highest number in five years. Last year, 23,966 couples tied the knot, up 260 from 2006.

But this is still down by 1,701 compared to a decade ago, which saw 25,667 marriages registered in 1997.

More are also delaying marriage. Last year, the median age for the groom was 29.8 years old, compared with 28.4 in 1997.

For the women, the median age of brides was 27.2 last year, up from 25.7 about a decade ago. - CNA /ls

If you read this article carefully, it can be quite mind-boggling.

Take away the smoke screen, just read what is in RED.

Basically it said there is a 200,000 increased in population and if we minus the 39,490 births, this implies that we has imported 160, 510 foreigner into this country. That is equivalent to 439 new residents every day!!

Look out for more social issue coming up my friends. Unless you live in an ivory towers high up in the sky.

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neobc said...

If u have the time (if you might not have done it before), try going to ICA building one of those weekdays, wah lau eh, it's flooded with people ...!!

i went to the hospitals during these last few months either to visit relatives or with my parents, wah lau eh, full of foreigners....

1 recent social issue, vietnamese couple walked into sea... and ironically, saved by 2 foreigners, when all those around (believed highly to be sporeans) just watched the couple walked into the sea...