Thursday, August 07, 2008

National Day

Nation day is just around the corner. It is the day that we celebrate our independent 43 years ago.

Looking back our country has indeed progress far. From a little fishing village to what it is now, a well-oiled sophisticate money-making machine.

These days Singaporean are divided into 2 lots when come to national day. The first lot are those who want to go to the parade (because it is free) and to get the free goodies bags and the second lots are those who don’t really care about Nation day anymore. (Except we want the free holiday to go for a short holiday)

So get me to think what is National Day for me these days.

To me I find the yearly National Day parade are a complete waste of money and is an exploitation of thousands of NSF so those regulars can get their promotions.

Gosh imagine the time and taxpayer’s money spent on those rehearsals and fireworks. Is the National day's parade really that important to the average Singaporean?

National Day = Parade and Firework = Free Goodies Bags.

Imagine watching the same thing over and over and over again every year.

I believe many people failed to think what National Days should be. What we see around us like the parade , the nicely decorated Community Centers and offices are just skin deep.

I think it should be a time where we reflex on our shortcoming as a Nation and improve on it.

How many people are suffering from hunger in our country and what policies should be improved etc. etc.

Take it as an annual report card, not the financial one which we had in April, but a more humanitarian one which involve Singaporean, not the million dollars civil servants.

But again there many not be much Singaporean in the future to celebrate National Day as more and more Foreigner are coming and more and more Singaporean are leaving.


neobc said...

maybe that's why till today, i've never tried to ballot, queue up, black market purchase etc the Parade tix...

as my sis-in-law commented, the performers nowadays are with more and more ang mos (kids as well) to showcase how we embrace foreign talents into becoming citizens.

and yes, i agree, usually, whoever's being earmarked for next Jul's promotion, will be arrowed to head the various aspects of the whole NDP project. we've seen it internally within the Forces, some of whom we knew personally.

Mr & Mrs Chan said...

I used to watch the parade on tv, even once went to the national stadium to watch the parade. I must say, the way that they do it is really impressive in the sense that somehow, the feeling of national pride does come to you at the appropriate time and during the time when you have to say sing the national anthem and say the i would say that in all fairness, they did a hell of a good job in brainwashing the people who attend the parade...
I was nearly brainwashed as well for a moment...until when you go back to real life and start seeing all the things around you again....end of the day, there is only so much the once-a-year parade can do to a person provided the other 364 days, they can win the hearts of the citizens..