Monday, January 19, 2009

Korean Drama

Currently I am watching Korean Drama “New Heart” on DVD.

This show is currently being aired on Channel U at 7.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Guess the TV station want to pushed this as far away from their crap show’s golden timing on weekdays.

Trust me, this show win “Little Noya” hands down.

What I like about this show is that not only it has realistic operation scenes but it also highlight the politics within the hospital.

"Drama Synopsis

Lee Eun-Seong, a doctor from a third-class hospital, coincidentally joins the Heart Surgery Department of the Kwanghee University Medical Center as a resident, after being fascinated by the skills of Dr. Choi Gang-Guk. Nam Hye-Seok, an intelligent medical college graduate with great potential is declined from the Heart Surgery Department due to the fact that she is a female. Eventually, Eun-Seong and Hye-Seok are both admitted into the Kwanghee University Heart Surgery Department after a series of demonstrations, beginning their busy lives in daily battles with patients carrying various ailments. The drama goes through 20 episodes as the characters wrestle to save the lives of their patients and struggle with their own love drama as well."

The director of the hospital only cares about fame and money and is rejecting patient with chronic disease as he thinks they will help his ambition.

One doctor is choosing patient and is only taking care of patients he can treat so his overall survival rate is high. He will reject patient with 20% chance of survival as he want his portfolio to look good. There is once he even rejects an elderly patient’s family request of stopping treatment and let him die naturally as he is already too old and they don’t want to chalked up expensive medical bills.

I don’t know about Singapore’s Medical Practice but as is being run more like a business now, I suspect maybe something like this is going on in our hospital.

I also think our dear TCS will never show this kind of stories if they ever filmed a hospital drama, if you look carefully at TCS drama stories, you will find that it is too perfect and “clean” to be true.

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