Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year New Pays

Due to the poor economic outlook, the government announce in Nov 2008 that the TOP will take a pay cut in 2009.

Sound good isn't it?

Well they are still taking home the bacon my friends.

The President - New pay (Per Annum) in 2009 - $3.19m!

The Prime Minister - New pay (Per Annum) in 2009 - $3.04m! (Guess now he don’t have to donate his increment in 2008 to charity anymore, poor people get less money)

Ministers and senior permanent secretaries at MR4 grade - New pay (Per Annum) in 2009 $1.57m

Administrative officers at SR9 superscale grade - New pay (Per Annum) in 2009 $353K

Members of Parliament (who may also run businesses and hold other full-time jobs) - New allowance (Per Annum) in 2009 $190K


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The Chansters said...

Sshh...better dun say too loud even if it is confirmed the truth...BTW, you forgot abt the SM and MM....both are very impt people....