Monday, June 08, 2009

Strange people

June 8, 2009

Thank you SPCA, for the prompt action

I REFER to last Friday's report, 'Animal abuse cases at a high'.

As a lifelong dog owner, I know right from wrong.

However, it took me more than a year to muster the courage to call the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) about a neighbour who had kept a huge 30kg breed on a short leash on landed property, barking 24 hours a day.

SPCA's Mr Eric assured me of confidentiality and I noted that a check was made within the next two working days. The dog is now free, dignified and no longer barks non-stop.

Thank you SPCA, for the swift action.

Tan Ai Ling (Mdm)

I can never understand what Mdm Tan Ai Ling is trying to do here.

It is good that she reported an animal abuse case to SPCA and she praised SPCA’s Eric for his swift action and assurance of confidentiality but now she go and write to the FORUM???????

Now everyone know Madam Tan Ai Ling and also Eric from SPCA.

I don’t know what Tan Ai Ling is trying to prove here.

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The Chansters said...

wayang...that is all i can say!....I think Tan Ai Ling is one of his staff to push up the number of compliments vs. complaints rate...