Monday, September 28, 2009

My Toys

Saw a piece of Optimus Prime in a Toy shop 2 weeks ago and I though I got it. So went home and dig around and found it! Haha...

Think it is good to go through what you got once in a while. Its new discovery.

Here are some of my Toys collection. Er... though it is a good idea to take some photos of them to remind myself what I got.

Will try to do solo picture for them someday.

My "Cheong" Lego Chinhook and some nic-nac. Love the cute match boxes at bottom right from Japan.
The Lego (Made-In-Japan) Optimus is cool man!

Notice the classice original Sound Wave on the right. He.. My first Transformer.
I also love the LEGO Millenium Falcon Bag Charm on the Top Left.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Chan writes:

Eh, wait till you have kids then all your toys will not be able to see daylight....all got to hide away..