Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Promoting gambling

I went to White Sand Mall at Pasir Ris on Monday’s evening for my dinner.

There was a booth set up by Singapore Pools to promote their online “gaming” Poolzconnect.

I have heard of this before but I am not too sure the exact detail but basically it is just like setting up a account with Singapore pools then you can easily place your TOTO/4D bet online. No more queue.

What surprised me was this booth is actually allowed to be set up at a heart land malls. Also do note the people manning the booth are quite aggressive handling out pamphlets to people walking near them.

Notice that cinema in heart-lands are not allow to show R(A) films but malls in heart-lands are allow to promote gambling.

Maybe this is a warm up to our IR.

Sex is bad. Gambling is good.

1 comment:

The Chansters said...

R(A)is not sex...its artistic movie...anyway, the online gambling they have to do it since everyone is going online to place soccer bets and everything so instead of letting others earn the money, they may as well join in...