Monday, September 28, 2009

Singapore F1 2009

Taufik Batisah apologises for Singapore national anthem error
27 September 2009 2323 hrs

SINGAPORE: Local celebrity, Taufik Batisah who was given the opportunity to sing the national anthem during the Formula One Grand Prix tonight, made a mistake while doing so.

His televised performance was viewed by millions all over the world.

But instead of singing "marilah kita bersatu", which means "let us unite", he sang “marilah kita berseru" which means "let us proclaim".

Speaking to MediaCorp, Taufik said, he's very sorry for making the error.

He said he was very nervous while singing.

But the winner of the first season of Singapore Idol added that he's aware that there's no excuse for him to make such an error.

Taufik says he hopes that the public will forgive him for what he refers to as an "honest mistake."

I wonder how many of us knew he made this mistake. Even for those of us who know Malay,, I doubt there are many people who notice it.

Honestly I don't know what the exact lyrics of our national anthem except for "Majula Singapura. " This is the reality when you have a National Anthem in a language that not everyone in Singapore understand.

But I did notice Taufik was trying too hard to put his "Style" while singing the National Anthem. It was quite irritating that he tried to add some R&B element into the Anthem and in the end it changes the melody quite a lot. And it was rather irritating. Can he just #@%@# sing it properly?

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