Friday, June 10, 2011

Hopeless MOH

Shocking scenes at nursing home

Secret video of mistreated woman sparks outrage

THE Health Ministry has ordered the Nightingale Nursing Home to stop accepting new patients after secretly-filmed video footage showed its staff mistreating a woman resident.

The clip - recorded by a resident's relative using a hidden camera - was broadcast by MediaCorp on its television news bulletins on Thursday.

It immediately went viral online, circulated on various forums, and drew angry comments from viewers outraged by what they saw.

The clip first shows the woman seated unclothed on a chair, in full view of everyone in the room. Two women staff members are then shown flinging her onto a bed. And when she groans, one of them slaps her.

Last night's TV news said the clip was handed over to MediaCorp in March this year and the government broadcaster then alerted the Ministry of Health.

But neither the contents of the footage nor the ministry's subsequent checks and action were revealed until Thursday

That’s it? MOH only ask Nightingale Nursing Home to stop accepting new patients and told us that the staffs have been disciplined.

So this is the crap Health Minister Gan Kim Yong only capable of I wonder will he do the same if it is him mum. The public should know what are the punishments given to the staff too, maybe just a verbal warning? The head of the Nursing home should also be punished and the victim and her family should be compensated.

This could happen to anyone and I am disappointed it actually happened in Singapore.
This is disgusting and to the staffs (who look like foreign trash) if you are not happy working you can always look for an alternate job.

I hope these two will ends up being treated the same when they are old.