Friday, June 03, 2011

Wrong Priority in Life.

Teen in China sells kidney to buy iPad 2

A TEENAGER in China reportedly sold one of his kidneys for 22,000 yuan (S$4,185) so he could buy an iPad 2.

The Global Times said the 17-year-old high school student, identified only as Zheng, had confessed to his mother after she noticed the gadget and a deep red scar on his body, which was from the surgery.

Zheng had travelled from his home in Anhui province to the city of Chenzhou without his family's knowledge, where his kidney was removed at a hospital under the supervision of a kidney agent.

The Global Times said Zheng's mother took him back to Chenzhou to report the incident to the authorities, but the contact numbers given by the kidney agents were not working.

Zheng also bought an iPhone and a laptop with the proceeds from the sale of his kidney, his mother said.

The Chenzhou hospital where the boy had his surgery denied any connection with the kidney removal, but admitted that it had contracted out its urology department to a businessman.

This is sad. I wonder what he will do when Ipad 3 come out.

Jokes aside, this is what had become of our society, people value material wealth over anything else, even their own body for this case.

There was a report a few day ago that majority of youth today rather give up their sense of smell then technology.

This survey is a global one but a break down on Singaporean youth states that :

“Singapore youths in particular increasingly reject material possessions such as the five Cs of cash, credit card, car, condo, & country club……their wants and needs are different from previous generations. They are a lot more laid back when it comes to the work place, what they look for. They are looking for somewhere where they can socialise, where they can have a bit of fun as well as work so they are driven in different ways.”

In another word, Singapore youth are becoming bum which don’t really like to have the 5C but must not live without their I-phone, I-Mac, I-Pad and all other gadgets.

Although technology is a big help to the human race by doing more things more efficiently and help us save time. But looking at it how many more time are we spending entertaining our self with them?

People rather spend time “socializing” on facebook then to go out have a meal of meet up with friends. They rather play online games then to have a real game of soccer.

My points is you must differentiate you wants and needs.

Lots of time we buy things out of wants.

Its not that bad if you have the extra cash but when you need to sell your kidneys or works as a prostitute to get what you want then it is really stupid of you.