Friday, September 30, 2011

The silent killer.

Last December I went for the 2nd company sponsor medical check up and all was well just that I am slightly overweight and has a high Triglyceride level. (Too much oil in blood) and my blood pressure are slightly high.

My triglyceride level last year was like at a border high but it did drop from a high from 2 years ago.

This has partly due to my effort of exercising more and also the reduction of unhealthy food intakes.

My company is promoting a healthy lifestyle this year and for this month we all got free basic health test in the company.

They took my blood and now I am just waiting to see how my Triglyceride level.

My blood pressure was 130/85. A moderate high and it shows a pre-hypertension signal.
This may be due to my family history of hypertension.

It is not serious yet but at least it again reminds me to watch my diet, keep myself stress free and to exercise more.

This health screening findings did not surprise me as I do go for my bi-annual health check which give me a indication of my health level so I can force or motivate myself to eat right and spend more time sweating it out.

But this is not the case for a few of my colleague.

They all look ok and are quite skinny.

One of them blood pressure was like 200+ which indicate a level 2 hypertension. She was shocked as she felt nothing.

Another’s cholesterol level was sky high and he was quite depressed as he can’t enjoy his sea food as much as he wants now.

Funny thing is, even though this health screening is free, many of my colleague did not bother to sign up for it.

A few gave me reasons like no time; they feel fine and some even said they don’t want to know what is wrong with them inside!

I keep telling them that early detection is the best cure for any disease but they just brush me off.

I knew a few colleague and friend’s parents passed away recently suddenly for various reasons but they scary part was they all looked healthy.

An obese person may know he needs to watch his diet but a skinny person may think he is healthy and literally eat his way to the graves.

There are many diseases out there that won’t give us any signal but they all can be cured if detected early.

So I do urge all my friends to go for you medical check up at least once every 2-3 years.
It only cost you a few hundreds dollars and a few hours of your time.

As I always say, health is priceless.