Thursday, November 10, 2011

Casio Scum

MBS jackpot winner to finally get her dues
Nov 10, 2011

SINGAPORE - A hawker who got into a dispute with Marina Bay Sands (MBS) after she was denied her full jackpot winnings will be getting the money after all. The MBS said yesterday that it has agreed to pay Madam Choo Hong Eng 58, the full sum of S$416,742.11.

An MBS spokesperson said in a statement: "Marina Bay Sands regrets any confusion over the numbers displayed when Madam Choo Hong Eng won the Lotus Evora slot jackpot in our casino ... After carefully reviewing this matter, Marina Bay Sands will pay the patron the amount that was displayed on the slot machine."

The spokesperson added: "We deeply regret the inconveniences caused."

Mdm Choo had visited the casino at MBS on Oct 18. She hit the jackpot but the casino told her that the machine had malfunctioned. She was offered a sports car worth S$258,962 and S$50,000 in cash instead. But Mdm Choo refused the offer, in the knowledge that there was CCTV camera footage and witnesses to support her account.

Mdm Choo told Channel NewsAsia yesterday that she was notified by her lawyer of MBS' decision to pay her the full winnings in a letter dated last Friday when she was in Taiwan.

Mdm Choo, who had earlier asked the Casino Regulatory Authority to intervene, signed the letter of acceptance at her lawyer's firm yesterday. According to Mdm Choo, she will receive the money three days after MBS receives the letter of acceptance.

Mdm Choo said she will donate about half of her winnings to charity.

Damned these big establishments. Trying to con and threaten normal people on the street.
What you expect when you run a casino? Only want people to lose money in your premises?

Casino owner are indeed the biggest scum around.

Another reason not to gamble, casino is around because you are losing lots of money.