Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The extend of their Greed

How ministers qualify for pensions
Yahoo News 22 NOV 2011

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that retiring ministers must serve at least eight years in office to be eligible for a pension.

Replying to a question by opposition Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC Pritam Singh on Monday, he disclosed that the pension is based only on the pensionable component of the salary and not on the total monthly salary.

This pensionable component has been fixed since 1994, and so it has been decreasing in proportion to the total monthly salary, reported Channel NewsAsia.

Other components of the annual salary such as the 13th month payment, annual variable component and performance bonus are also not pensionable, said the prime minister.

He pointed out that a minister is only eligible for the maximum pension after he has served for 18 years as an office holder and will receive less if he serves a shorter period.

The maximum pension is about 10 per cent of his annual salary before his retirement.

Lee also said the value of pension a minister is able to receive upon retirement is fully considered when ministerial salaries are set against the benchmark.

He said a committee reviewing the ministerial salaries – due to release its findings in December – also includes a review of the ministers’ pension scheme.

There is absolutely no end to these people greed.

I am totally disgusted by our Minister’s endless demand of money and they even twist law and argue ridiculous to squeeze more money from Singapore Citizen.

First let talk about figure.

Hsein Loong’s annual salary is about US$2,856,930 our dear Minister’s is about US$1,6M.
Say 10% pension works out to be US$280,000 a year for Hsein Loong and US$160,000 for our Minister that mean Hsein Loong will get US$28K a month and out parrot Ministers will get US$16K month. Even more then current Member of parliament.

Mind you these are tax payer money and this money is on top of the free medical they will be getting till they go to hell.

Pension scheme still are available for these super rich Elites while the rest of us have CPF.
Why this double standard Hsien Loong?

I can only come up with one think in mind. Greed.

These bastards are so greedy that I think they can enter the Guinness Book of Record for it.