Monday, November 28, 2011

Elite got special report for doing ordinary things

Sim Ann gives birth to baby boy, 1st MP to do so while in office

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Law, Ms Sim Ann, has become Singapore's first MP to give birth while in office.

Her son, weighing 3.2kg, was born at 3pm on Tuesday, four days earlier than expected.

'I feel good. The recovery was quick and the baby is fine,' she told The Straits Times last night.

'So far, so good. We're getting used to each other,' said the mother of three. She and her husband, Dr Mok Ying Jang, 44, have a seven-year-old son and a daughter, aged five.

I was browsing through the states publication over the weekends and beside being bombarded with news or our MEN IN WHITE conference I saw the above.

First thought was SO WHAT?

Hundreds of Singaporean gave birth everyday so what if one of the party members did.

Maybe it Sim Ann likes to declare to the world she is not attending the party conference because she has better thing to do?

Congratulation to Baby Mok for entering the world with no money, career and education problem for the rest of his life and he already got a head start from the average Singaporean.

So now Sim Ann will enjoy her free medical care and maternal leaves out of tax payer money.