Monday, May 21, 2012

The more the speak the more stupid they sound.

I listen to the WP rally over the weekend via youtube and I did tried to do the same for the PAP one so I see for myself how different the views of this two parties are but 4min into Desmond’s speech nearly killed me so I have so stop.

I have to resort to summary by our press and luckily I did not listen to Chee Hein nor Denis Phua’s speech cause I am sure they will send me straight to hell.

I can’t believe how dumb and brainless the PAP camp can be and the argument they put up is really what I call jaw dropping.

I still think the more rally they host the more vote they will lose, look like they still think we are in the 80s where there is no social medias and people have to be informed with censor informations.

Even people like me can easily find flaws in PAP’s rally.

From CNA:

Chee Hean says:
"Is Hougang so special, that the WP is sending you a candidate that they themselves decided not to send to Parliament when they had the chance?"

I say: Why Mah Bow Tan and Wong Kang Seng which were PAP best men for Ministers job lost their post after GE 2011? At that time it was only a nominated MP post avail for WP as the loser with the highest vote. So does it matter who they send it then? In the first place the GRC system is flaw as the PAP has no balls to let each men stand for election base on his or her own merits.

Desmond says:
"I work hard to raise funds from many private donors, sponsors and businesses. I pushed for government funded schemes to be fast-tracked in Hougang. I also worked with charitable organisations on projects to benefit residents. But somehow, someone on Saturday thought it was wrong for me to have done so. Do you think I should continue helping people?"

I say: So where Desmond get his money from? The government? PA? If so why only give tax payer money to a PAP grass root advisor while the elected opposition MP are not given these public funds? Why penalised tax paying Singaporean from their own money just because they voted for a different political party? National issue is not a political issue my dear PAP.

From ST:

Denis Phua says:

“HOUGANG residents need no longer fear that voting in a People's Action Party (PAP) candidate will affect the number of opposition voices in Parliament, said PAP MP Denise Phua on Sunday.

PAP MPs are also independent-minded and can speak 'boldly and without fear'”

I say: Can Desmond voted against his party? Will he be free from the party whip? If he is an individual voice then stand as an independent candidate Desmond.