Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why we need Opposition in Singapore

A year after the GE 2010 and now Hougang is fuelling the sentiment of Singaporean again.

If you asked yourself, did you life got better or worst after PAP re-took Singapore in 2010 I am sure most of us know the sad truth.

Even with a new President life in Singapore for the ordinary folks had gone from bad to worst.

Inflation, record COE, MRT breaking down, influx of foreigners, increase utilities price etc etc.

Why things are not getting better? Although Hsien Loong asked for some time but a year is not a short so why are things not improving?

I think the reason is simple, the PAP has lost touch with the ground, they are prioritising on the wrong issues.

Most of the time they are busy making life good for the rich and not the poor, whether they are doing it on purpose or not I do not know.

I personally had met people from PAP and the opposition although they are all friendly but there always seem to be a barrier when I talked to the PAP.

Everything is so robotic and efficient in the PAP camp that there is no personal warm at all.

Maybe it is all the protocol and procedure in the Party that made the PAP the way this way.

I met an incumbent Minister way back before he joined politics and he was sincere and talking to him was easy and he seem to understand “lesser motal” like us then.

These days when I read what he said on TV and in parliament, it sounds ridiculous and stupid at times.

So my dear Singaporean, do you think a millionaire can empathise with your problems?

Do you think he will know how you struggle to make ends meet everyday, how you squeezed into crowded public transport, how you queue 3 hours to see a doctor at the poly clinics, how you waited 3 months to see a specialist, how you have to work longer hours to pay off your HDB debt, how you dare not to work shorter hours as your boss is threatening to replace you with cheaper FT etc etc….

Ask yourself do you want a Yes Man as your MP or a ordinary guy who dare to speak up for you when things went wrong?

You may not see it in this few years but think for your children, think for them what kind of Singapore you want them to grow up to.