Thursday, August 27, 2015

All men are equal... but some are more equal.

Different political parties are starting to introduce their candidates now.

For PAP, it is interesting that you can tell how “close you are to the emperor” by judging to which constituency they send you to.

Tier 1: I called them the “BLUE EYES” these are the super elites and Minister Calibre. The one of us. The crème of the crème of the crème.

Tier 2: The loyal dogs or the one that willing to do the works so the Tier 1 can look good. They mostly can be MPs or Minister of States.

Tier 3: Good to have around. Easily replaced.

Also note, Interesting fact, No Tier 1 personnel will be at a SMC.

Look at EAST COST GRC and newly calved out FENGSHAN SMC candidate (Cheryl Chan):

Mr Lim Swee Say, 61, Minister for Manpower
Mr Lee Yi Shyan, 53, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and National Development
Dr Maliki Osman, 50, Minister of State for Defence and National Development
Ms Jessica Tan, 49, managing director of Microsoft Singapore
Ms Cheryl Chan, 39, First-timer, head of secondary industries at chemicals firm Linde Gas.

Its obvious Cheryl is the Tier 3. Not one of the incumbent Tier 1 dare to go to the SMC. Better get an easily replaceable Tier 3 to defend the FENGSHAN seat man.

Its obvious Ng Chee Meng is a Tier 1. 

Well don’t expect he to give up his million dollars career for a merger $16K a month MP job. He will be safe running in a GRC. Hmm…. Just thinking, what happened if he lose? He already quitted as the Chief of Defence so he will be jobless? 

Nah no worry… the whites will definitely take care of him, but I seriously think will there be any written contract to lure him to join politic? Food for thought.

Next we have the Tier 2! 

Must thanks them for their contribution by letting them into parliament!But wait they will still lose if the stayed at their SMCs. So let’s parachute them into parliament ex hougang Desmond Choo and new Son of Ang Mo Kio Dr ex Son of Punggol Koh Poh Koon.

Finally Tier 3 Charles Chong won 51% at the extinct Joo Chiat will be teleported to SMC to “defend” the PAP seat. Guess PAP think its ok if he losses. PAP can afford to let the old man retired with his pension.