Monday, August 31, 2015

PAP saying the same things... again and again and again...

As what I have predicted, PAP is all out with the AHPETC issue. 

They are taking turns mentioning the saga again and again… after Goh Chock Tong, we have Tharman, Kaw Boon Wah, Teo Chee Hean, Yeo Guat Kwan etc etc like dogs attracted to thrown meats. (Sound familiar)

Oh come oh PAP. You can do better than putting other down to win votes. I seriously think it will do more harms then good to yourself.
The question is why are they doing it?

Personally I think the PAP has run out of ideas.

If you look closely are what they have been campaigning on over the years basically based on threats and fears.

First PAP will tell you they have done a wonderful job, then they will tell you opposition are bunch of mad men who cannot do anything.

They will move on to tell you Singapore will be doomed if PAP is not re-elected and we will be somehow be teleported back to the 3rd world becoming slaves and maids.

Oh come on!

Singapore is not equal to PAP. Period!


PAP is just a political party in Singapore.

Even without PAP, the government infrastructure are in place.
All the ministries will still function.

You scare tactics can on works on a small fraction of Singaporean.
PAP had their chance in running this country and frankly I don’t see for this election any opposition party or coalition of oppositions parties will be able to take over the government.

What Singaporean can do is to put in as many good oppositions MPs into parliament so they could argue, debates and vote for or against the bills. 

We cannot let PAP pass any polices they like.

Now with PAP have the majority in parliament, they can do anything they want by using the party whip to prevent the PAP MPs to vote against their policies.

So people, imagine the PAP MP you elected into parliament may agree with you and disagree with the Ministers but he will still vote for the bills. The most he will abstain. Remember the population white paper.

PAP MP will put PAP before the people. 

He/she will not be able to go against any policies not matter how stupid it is. 

Something is very wrong here. The guy was given the mandates by you but he is not putting your interest first.

Do not fell into the fears tactics used by the PAP,  any way  3rd worlds living may not be too bad after all.