Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The date is set!!!!

Guess I must be on the right track. Only yesterday I announced that I will start blogging about GE2015 and our dear PM announced today the date will be September 11. Only good thing is for the first time for as long as I could recall it will be on at weekday. One more public holiday courtesy of PAP.

Just the other day I was watching the video on you tube on the political dialogue at NUSS. (Yes I actually spent 3 hours watching it.)

I still manage to find the link from inconvenient question .Thanks God! It seem to be taken down from the first page of youtube Singapore.

This is a good change to get a slight glimpse of what the political parties in Singapore stands for and totally uncensored. You will have a opportunity to hear views from all the parties and form your own opinion in an unbiased platform. Dear mediacorp should learn from this. Also I think Mr Viswa Sadasivan did a really fantastic job! So if you have the time please spend some time watching it.
So how GE2015 will be different? Well as all know this is the first GE without LKY and to me he is the one that hold the PAP together.

Also this will be the first time so many opposition MPs are defending their seats in parliament. Asking Singaporean to give them their report cards.

We have to agreed that the quality of opposition candidates are getting better these days. If PAP want to win votes they have to do more then nominate ex Generals and President’s scholars. They should move away from Elitism and start looking for good hard-working normal Singaporean as their candidates.

So today from September 1st onwards, there will be again be rally, words will definitely be exchange and the stage for political battles will starts.

Will be an interesting GE2015, after all its SG50 this year.