Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Good and Bad of Nomination day 2015

Nomination days are always interesting.

You can see how popular are not the candidates are when they address the crowds after filing their papers.

As usual what you normally see on TV are not exactly what happened on the ground due to clever editing. So only true alternate medias who are more impartial.

Some good and bad of the day.

It’s nice to see Singaporean saying hello to Mr Chiam. Even PAP supporters are giving him the respect he deserved. But for show or not we do not know cause they still did not gave him the mandates in GE2011.

Also nice to see S Iswaran pointing out the error in Reform party’s form to prevent a disqualification. This is what I call a good gentlemanly fight.

Ng Eng Hen gave a most arrogant speech at the nomination centre.

"We have educated Singaporeans who behave in a way that is right, not like these supporters who are just jeering! All they can do is jeer… Even if you jeer us, we will still improve your lives.”

I don’t really agreed to jeering at the candidates (Although some I feel like doing more). 

But Ng should have just ignore the crowd. He is shows an air or arrogant by challenging the crowd.  Perhaps he should ask himself why they are jeering at him . And Eng Hen, these people can do more than jeers, they can give their votes to the oppositions.

Mediacorp arrange a “live’ debates on TV in both Mandarin and English yesterday.

It is already not a fair playing ground unlike the one held in NUSS.

PAP is give much more time to talk and they are 2 reps present and the rest of the opposition parties have on 1 rep.

For the Mandarin version, Sim Ann shows a air or arrogant. She behave differently when she was at NUSS forum. Perhaps she know there is no audience to jeer her and also she have Minister Chan Chun Sin to back her up. Trying to score points maybe?

Lawrence Wong was they worst.

This joker has no substance and when he ran out of idea from a constructive and open debate, he resorted to do a character attack on Dr Chee digging out things that happened 20 years ago.

This is not the forum for this matter Lawrence.

This only show Singaporean how low class you are.

Rallys starts tonight! Passion will be high! And Chicken rice will be served!

Will be interesting to attend a few. Not the MIW one though…. All sanitized and robotic.